Our Story

City Dog Co. makes quality eco-luxury pet accessories with comfort for our pets in mind, stylish and convenient to fit our lifestyle as modern pet parents, are easy to care for and made from sustainable and organic materials to protect our planet.

Our journey started when we couldn’t find a quality pet carrier that was chic, made of eco-friendly materials, fit the small storage spaces of city living and wasn't bulky & inconvenient to always carry, so we made our own.

We understand the needs of today’s pet parents on the go, so we crafted our unique patented carriers to meet these needs through multiple washes and convenience of accessibility to use during those days and nights enjoying adventures or running errands around town.

The carriers were conceived and designed in NYC to meet the demands and opportunities that are part of your day without having to carry around a clunky carrier. Whether taking your pup to work with you via subway or Uber; seeing that sale sign at your favorite store while walking your furry baby or simply experience your four legged companion run out of steam, these carriers collapse to a small compact bag that fits easily inside any bag you are carrying or can be used as your only bag with pockets to hold your necessities.

We are not only proud to be made in the U.S. we are proud to be local. We work with production partners in New Jersey, Brooklyn and Queens. 

We want to make you & your pets happier

City Dog Co has a unique approach to designing special things for your pet. One that takes you, your pet and our planet very seriously. And takes stylish travel and enjoying the spontaneity of life seriously, too.


You’re a fashionista and change your clothes and accessories based on your mood and preference – so why settle for a less than stylish pet carrier?

Exclusive Design
Our organic-cotton carrier created for the needs of pet parents on the go is design patented exclusively to City Dog Co. Stylish, easy to maintain and convenient to carry & store, it’s the perfect accessory to own.

100% Machine Washable
We are all used to pet carriers getting dirty and having to spot clean them but they never get truly clean. So our carriers are all 100% machine washable. Just slide out the base platform and throw it in the wash. They will come out looking great every time.

No more lugging around a clunky pet carrier when you are running around town going about your day. Our patented small carrier when zipped up is 6.5” x 7” x 2” (the size of a mini iPad) and our medium is 8” x 10.5” x 2” (the size of an iPad) and come with a wristlet clip so you can easily carry it as your only bag, clip it onto the bag you’re carrying, or throw it into your tote! When nor in use hang it on your doorknob (so you won’t forget to take it), throw it on your kitchen drawer or stack bookshelf. The possibilities are endless!


They mean the world to you & are always by your side. Why can't they have the best that matches your values and level of luxury?

Luxurious carriers to Pamper Your Pet
We work with a textile mill in New Jersey to seek the finest organic and all natural fabrics. Our carriers are made with soft and breathable fabrics that feel great to us and amazing to your pet too.

Perfect stabilizing platform
A carrier needs that stabilizing board to help your furry baby feel protected and safe so we made sure we could include that as part of our patented design of a compact carrier. Better yet, we found someone that could produce it out of plant-based plastics to ensure not only it’s sturdiness but also biodegradable.

Made so can take your pet everywhere you go
Our carriers are made for today’s pet parents on the go & the spontaneity that life is all about. We designed them to easily take as your only bag with pockets for your necessities or to quickly throw into whatever bag you’re carrying so you can have it available should you need it and keep your furry baby safe and comfortable in a carrier made for them. No more trying to find creative ways to put your pup in a ‘container’ to jump in the subway or take into a store.