Giving Back


Who doesn't love to picnic in the park with their pet in the cool grass on a bright, sunny day?
With that in mind, we're doing everything we can to make sure our planet stays clean and beautiful.


Eco-Friendly Materials
From our fabric to our stability board to our packaging, all materials we use are with the focus of helping our planet remain beautiful and green. They are sustainable, biodegradable, recyclable & reusable.

Supporting local businesses
We are supporting the local manufacturing industry by:
     - Producing our carriers at a local New Jersey factory owned by a woman who employs local seamstress who had lost their jobs when local manufacturing became outsourced to china.
   - Bamboo for our stability boards are grown in California
   - printing our packaging at a local Queens, NY printer
   - working with textile companies in New Jersey to source the best  organic fabrics
All of our vendors are a subway ride away!

Supporting local organizations
We love our furry babies soo much that we just can’t help but want every fur baby to be healthy and have loving homes so we donate 10% of our proceeds to local organizations focused on animal welfare and rights. Because there are so many that we want to help and provide as much as possible to have an impact, we will partner with a new organization every year so they will get the benefit of a years worth of funds.

At City Dog Co. we believe in creating a material positive impact on society and the environment where we can. So in our own small way, this is how we can contribute to help keep the planet green and beautiful—it’s important to us that we can do this for you, your fur baby and our planet.
We also believe in helping to support environmental and animal organizations that reach out and make a difference through grass roots funding and education in their communities.